Gestüt Ahlershof

quality trakehner breeding
photos © LG Celle and Fee Fotografie

Welcome to Ahlershof

Gestüt Ahlershof is a virtual stable created in the summer of 2021. The stable is located in virtual Germany, and is owned by the Ahler family, which has experience and competence on the equestrian world for three generations. Gestüt Ahlershof is founded by Erik Ahler and is the first stable founded by the family.

At Ahlershof our main goal is to breed Trakehner horses for competitions in dressage and showjumping, and to create good bloodlines in the virtual Trakehner world. Our bloodlines include a few German lines, and currently also a Russian Trakehner line. We are in close collaboration with Whitfield, in order to utilize Thoroughbred and Arabian bloodlines in our breeding in order to bring diversity to the bloodlines.


This site is mainly built in English for our horses take part in both Finnish and German sim-game communities and competitions. Main information will be presented in both English and Finnish, and the information in each horse profile is in both languages for the sake of the sim-game registers.

Tallin sivuilla oleva tieto on esitetty pääosin englanniksi, sillä olemme mukana sekä Saksan että Suomen virtuaalipiireissä. Tärkeä tieto on esitetty myös suomeksi selkeyden vuoksi. Hevosten sivujen tiedot on esitetty molemmilla kielillä hevosrekisterien takia. Epäselvissä tilanteissa ota yhteyttä Keskustassa tai sähköpostilla.